In an industry downturn it can be tempting to bid on all opportunities even if the win ratio is low.

Oilfield service companies are experiencing the toughest selling environment in years. Rig count is down, budgets are cut, and there is extreme pressure on pricing.

Business development is a contact sport, and a hard one at that. In the world of industrial and technical sales it is easy to fall into the trap of demonstrating a lot of know-how, at the expense of know-who. At the end of the day some know-who skills are going to be crucial, as someone has to sign a purchase order. How do you balance these two capabilities in a technical selling environment?

Soccer fans are loyal buyers. They purchase based on the relationship with their favorite team, and they wouldn’t support a rival team at any price. The relationship extends to their love of the team colors and symbols. It is a tribal allegiance, a deep loyalty to the team brand.